Explorer HQ Privacy & Data Policy

Your Profile

We will never divulge your details to any third party and your account will always be anonymised on the app. You will not be identifiable on the app unless you divulge your username to someone else. Even if you divulge your username, your individual data will not be identifiable and there is no means of making contact or communicating with other users. All the underlying data associated with your profile will be stored in an encrypted format.

Activity data

There are two settings for activity data; off or on.

When Activity data is set to off your data is not incorporated into the global data set. This means that none of your data will be visible to any other user. Your data will not be included, or reported in, any data visualisations that are visible on the app, or in any external data reports that are published by Explorer HQ.

Users will be able to filter data via the tribes that you are member of. Only you will have access to a view that is filtered by your unique username. This means that no user will be able to filter the global data set to reveal the data of another user.

Data we collect

Actions - any and all actions related to Missions, Ripples and Tribes with the exception of user identifiable data as described above.

Location - Your location is stored each time you plant a Mission flag.

Ripples - Each time you confirm that you have undertaken a ripple action we increment your ripple count by one.

Tribes - We store the name of each tribe that you join. You can leave a tribe at any time, with the exception of your assigned profile tribes that make up your username.

Data and information that is visible to other users

Missions - we show data about how many times a mission has been completed by users.

Ripples - we show data about how many times a ripple action has been completed by users.

Tribes - we show data about how many users are in each tribe.

Analytics - we use data to interpret the impact of ripple actions using algorithms that are provided by our team of scientific advisors.

Instagram - we scrape images from Instagram that use the mission hashtags and display them on the mission pages.

Contact us: hello@explorerhq.com